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By Dr. David M. Gordon
April 19, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Hygiene  

Keeping good oral hygiene habits is the key to avoiding conditions like teeth decay and gum disease which can eventually result in seriousoral hygiene complications or even tooth loss. However, many people may not realize that their oral hygiene routine simply does not hold up. Learning the best daily and long-term habits to successfully maintain your smile can prevent tooth loss and ensure that your teeth remain healthy for years to come. Find out more about strong oral hygiene habits with Dr. David Gordon in Vallejo, CA.

How should I care for my teeth on a daily basis?
No matter your dental condition, the American Dental Association recommends brushing with a soft toothbrush for at least two minutes twice daily. They also recommend flossing between each tooth and behind the last molars at least once a day. Though mouthwash isn’t necessary, if you use it, be sure not to rinse your mouth with water afterward to allow the mouthwash to remain on the teeth.

How can I ensure good long-term health for my smile?
Seeing your dentist for routine examinations and cleanings can help keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Dental examinations consist of a thorough physical examination of the head, neck, mouth, oral tissues, and teeth. Your dentist can find and treat minor dental issues like cavities during your visit and prevent them from becoming a more complex condition requiring a more invasive procedure later. Additionally, professional cleanings remove any plaque or tartar on the teeth, stopping decay in its tracks and ensuring it cannot eat through the tooth to become a cavity. Additionally, issues with the oral tissues like gum disease can be addressed while regular flossing can still reverse the symptoms and potentially avoid a periodontal “deep” cleaning.

Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits in Vallejo, CA
Your oral health is an important aspect of your overall health and keeping your teeth in good shape ensures that you have a strong smile you can feel proud of. Regular dental examinations paired with a strong at-home oral care routine can ensure that you properly maintain your teeth for years to come.

For more information on good oral hygiene or going the extra mile to ensure the good health of your teeth, please contact Dr. David Gordon in Vallejo, CA. Call (707) 557-2200 to schedule your routine examination and cleaning with Dr. Gordon today!

By Dr. David Gordon
June 30, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Hygiene   Oral Health  
A relationship is defined as being the way in which two or more people or things are connected. You and your teeth are connected, which means you have a relationship with your smile. When it comes to relationships, you want the mutual support. The teeth matter—they are functional and esthetic. A smile gives you presence, and functionally, the teeth help you break down food and form words. Oral Health
Teeth support you day in and day out, so it’s only natural that you give your smile the same support and attention. 
That’s why oral hygiene is the most important thing you can give back.

Ignoring Oral Hygiene Leads to a Future of Fighting Decay

No one really enjoys fighting, and that’s what will happen if you ignore the maintenance of your teeth and gum tissue. If you don’t give them the love and care they need by brushing and flossing on a daily basis, your future may consist of dental appointments trying to remove tooth decay and gingivitis, maybe even gum disease. 

The Importance of a Doctor-Patient Communication 

Going to the dentist can make you feel nervous, but a strong reliance on your dentist, as well as good communication, will keep your teeth and gums from straying to far from healthy.
Regular dental appointments and at-home care are the building blocks to a better relationship between you and your teeth. 
Do you want to know more about oral health in relation to your overall health? Call our dentist office located in Vallejo, CA—(707) 557-2200. 

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