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Dr. David Gordon talks about his time practicing in Vallejo and the changes he has seen over the years. We asked, Dr. Gordon answered!
1). What year did you open your practice?
My dental career started in 1984. I opened my Vallejo dentistry practice in 1988, and I have been practicing in Vallejo since 1984, and opened my office in 1988. That info is on my website.
2). How long as your current staff members been working at your practice? 
A few of my staff members have been with me for years, and I truly appreciate their assistance. We all work well together and know what we need to do for the patients, and that’s why they aren’t just staff members but team members. 
  • Karen (financial administrator) – 29 years
  • Anita (appointment coordinator) – 6 years
  • Rosie (RDA) – 25 years
  • Stephanie (DA) – 8 years
  • Lisa (RDH) –14 years
  • Anjela (RDH) – 10 years
  • Camille (RDH) – 20 years
3). How have your services changed since you opened your Vallejo dental practice?
With time comes change, and the field of dentistry has transformed over the years. While we still utilize traditional dental methods, we are also willing and interested in embracing some modern techniques and technology, as long as it is beneficial to the patients. 
4). From 1988 until now, can you name three things you are most grateful for that helped your practice grow?
  • First off, my staff has been with me for many years, which has allowed us to develop personal relationships with all of our patients.
  • We built our office in 1988 with consideration for future technological advancements that we have been able to incorporate as time has gone on.
  • I enjoy keeping up with continuing education and current advancements in dentistry and technology. 
5). Are you utilizing new technology or techniques? 
We installed a digital X-ray.
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General Dentistry for all of Vallejo, CA

Vallejo, CA is a small sunny town located in Northern California full of unique cultural experiences and entertaining attractions. It is full of warm, friendly residents and has a wonderful community atmosphere, which is probably why Dr. David M. Gordon D.D.S and his staff General Dentistry Vallejo, CAabsolutely love serving the patients in this area.

Dr. David M. Gordon has been a general dentist in Vallejo, CA since 1984 after attending and receiving his dental degree at the University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry. His specialties include dental crowns, bridges, specialty dentures, dental implants, teeth whitening, bonding, sedation and general dentistry. He is committed to providing patients with the most modern dental technology possible to ensure comfort and convenience.

Vallejo patients look to Dr. Gordon’s office for solutions to their dental problems as well as education and information about preventative dentistry. The office is almost always bustling with patients who know each other from the community and know the staff on a first name basis. As the mission statement says, one of our goals is to “earn the trust and respect of patients, profession and community.”

When searching for a Vallejo, CA dentist, residents have a home at Dr. David M. Gordon D.D.S.’s office on Rotary Way. Call or visit http://www.myvallejodentist.com to set up an initial oral examination to evaluate your dental health and create a custom treatment plan.

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