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Find out how this simple dental treatment could give you a more ideal smile.

If you are interested in improving certain parts of your smile but you aren’t looking to spend tons of time and money in the dentist’s office, then find out more about cosmetic contouring with your Vallejo, CA dentist.smile

What is cosmetic contouring?

Sometimes referred to as tooth reshaping, this cosmetic dental procedure offers patients the opportunity to make small changes to their smile to improve its appearance. By removing a small amount of your natural tooth’s enamel we can change the shape and length of your teeth to give you the look you desire.

What does cosmetic contouring fix?

Since this is a non-invasive procedure it can’t fix serious problems; however, it can be a great option for fixing minor overlapping, misshapen teeth, chips and cracks, or excessively point canines.

What is the cosmetic contouring process like?

Since we only remove a minimal amount of enamel, this is considered non-invasive. Even just removing a couple millimeters can go a long way to changing the aesthetics of a person’s smile. Sometimes cosmetic contouring is used in conjunction with dental bonding, in which we use a tooth-colored resin (the same kind of material we use to fill cavities) to mold and reshape teeth to hide flaws.

The first thing we will do is mark the regions of the tooth that we need to sculpt. Then we will use a sanding tool to carefully remove small portions of your tooth’s enamel. Once this is complete, we will smooth and polish your finished tooth.

Will cosmetic contouring in Vallejo, CA hurt?

Since we are only removing a small portion of the tooth’s surface this isn’t painful at all, which makes this an ideal option for many patients looking for small smile changes. And since there is generally no pain associated with this procedure patients also don’t have to deal with anesthesia.

If you are interested in finding out whether cosmetic contouring in Vallejo would be all it takes to get you the smile you want, then call us today to schedule a consultation with your Vallejo, CA dentist.

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