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By David M. Gordon, D.D.S.
March 21, 2016
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What you need to know about dental bonding

You’ve probably heard about dental bonding and you’re wondering if it can help your smile. The answer is YES! Dental bonding can correct a number of cosmetic issues with your teeth. It is also much less expensive than other cosmetic treatments. Dr. David Gordon in Dental Bonding Vallejo, California wants to help you explore what dental bonding can do for you.

Dental bonding is a technique using a tooth-colored liquid resin material known as composite. Dr. Gordon can match the color of composite perfectly to your existing teeth, creating a perfectly natural and beautiful smile.

Dr. Gordon wants you to know about the many uses of composite dental bonding. Composite bonding can be used to correct dental problems including:

  • Small cracks and chips in your teeth from trauma or overuse
  • Excessively worn teeth from aging or a poorly aligned bite
  • Closing small spaces or gaps between your teeth from genetics
  • Cosmetically changing the look of slightly overlapped or rotated teeth
  • Cosmetically changing the color of stained, yellowed or discolored teeth

Usually, composite bonding doesn’t require any anesthetic because it is a non-invasive procedure. Your dental bonding treatment begins with Dr. Gordon preparing your tooth with an etching solution, which forms tiny holes in your tooth’s surface to retain the composite. Dr. Gordon will apply the composite material and harden it with a special LED light. To finish your bonding treatment, Dr. Gordon will shape and polish your new composite bonding to blend and enhance your smile. The end result is a seamlessly beautiful smile. People around you will notice your smile, not your fillings!

Dental bonding is the modern way to correct cosmetic issues with your smile. You can have a new smile quickly and painlessly. Dental bonding with composite is a great solution to enhance your smile. Call Dr. David Gordon in Vallejo, California and discover how to get the smile you deserve with cosmetic dental bonding. Call today!


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