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By David M. Gordon, D.D.S.
December 04, 2015
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When you look at your smile in the mirror, are you more embarrassed or ashamed than proud? If so, your Vallejo, CA dentist, David M. Gordon, D.D.S., has an exciting dental procedure that can change that: veneers. Thin, tooth-shaped and tooth-colored pieces of porcelain that are attached to the front of your teeth, veneers can improve your smile in four ways.Veneers

1. Hide Discoloration

If tooth whitening pastes, strips and procedures haven't been enough to give you the beautiful white teeth you've been wanting, choose the dental procedure that is sure to work. Because veneers completely cover the front of your teeth, it doesn't matter how stained or discolored they are currently; veneers can give you beautiful white teeth you're sure to love.

2. Fix Chips and Cracks

Has a small accident or injury left you with an unsightly chip or crack in your tooth? Fix it! Veneers not only cover up small chips and cracks so they aren't visible anymore, but they also help stabilize the tooth to prevent the chip or crack from worsening.

3. Correct an Awkward Tooth Size or Shape

Are your teeth too narrow, pointy or short? You don't have to live with teeth that are an awkward size or shape forever. Visit your Vallejo, CA dentist for a pair of veneers and get the beautiful smile you've been wanting.

4. Hide Spacing and Positioning Issues

If your teeth are gapped or crooked, you may think that you need a lengthy and uncomfortable braces treatment to get them in shape again. Thankfully, this isn't always the case. Instead, Dr. Gordon may be able to use veneers to fill in any gaps or to disguise any crookedness. Talk to your Vallejo, CA dentist to find out if veneers might work for you.

Veneers offer a number of impressive benefits that are well worth looking into. Call your dentist, Dr. Gordon in Vallejo, CA, today to learn more about veneers and whether they might be right for you.


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