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If you're like most people, you don't put much thought into brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, if you don't use the proper technique, you could harm your teeth and gums or fail to remove enough plaque. Dr. David M. Gordon, who practices general dentistry in Vallejo, CA, shares a few tooth brushing tips that will help you keep your smile bright and healthy.Flossing

Improve your angle

Do you brush your teeth in a side-to-side motion? Although this method may be effective at cleaning the top portions of your teeth, it can irritate your gums and cause them to recede. Instead, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and work on one or two teeth at a time using a circular motion. Keeping the brush at a 45-degree angle makes it easier for the bristles to reach between teeth and also helps ensure that you clean your gums without damaging them.

Don't miss a spot

Because brushing removes cavity-causing plaque from your teeth, it's important not to miss a spot. Brush the tops, fronts and backs of your teeth to thoroughly remove plaque. If you have space in your mouth after your last set of molars, be sure to brush the sides of the teeth too. Don't neglect your tongue. Brushing your tongue removes bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Use a soft bristle brush

Brushing with a hard bristle brush may seem like the best choice to remove plaque, but hard bristles can erode your gums and wear away tooth enamel. Soft bristle brushes are very effective at removing plaque and food debris and are gentler on your teeth.

Don't hurry

Vallejo dentists recommend that you brush for at least two minutes. If you finish sooner, you may not be doing a thorough job.

Make flossing a daily habit

Flossing is an important addition to your oral hygiene routine. Toothbrush bristles can't reach the areas between teeth where plaque can accumulate. Flossing daily removes plaque in those hard-to-reach areas, reducing your risk of tooth decay.

Whether you need a dental exam, cleaning or other general dentistry services, your Vallejo, CA dentist, Dr. David M. Gordon, can help you care for your teeth. Call him at (707) 557-2200 to schedule an appointment. Brush and floss daily to prevent tooth decay!


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