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By Dr. David M. Gordon
March 28, 2017
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Do you have gum disease? Scaling and root planing, otherwise known as deep cleaning, is considered the "gold standard" of treatment gum diseasefor patients with periodontal disease. Dr. David Gordon in Vallejo, CA, offers a variety of gum disease treatments to his patients. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about scaling and root planing.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, which is also referred to as gum disease, is an infection of the structures around the teeth. The symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen or bleeding gums or pain in your mouth. Healthy, well-cared-for gums should look pink and firm, not red and swollen. Periodontal disease is a progressive disorder that if left untreated will worsen over time. 

What is a Deep Cleaning?

Scaling and root planing, or dental deep cleaning, is one of the most effective ways to treat periodontal disease before it becomes severe. Teeth cleanings focus on the surfaces of your teeth and between teeth above the gum line. Scaling and root planing involved removing tartar, bacteria and debris that has collected under the gum line. If you maintain good oral hygiene after the procedure, the progression of periodontal disease should stop. 

Do You Need a Deep Cleaning?

Scaling and root planing is done when the roots of the teeth have tartar on them or the gums have started to pull away from the teeth. The American Academy of Periodontology recommends dentists offer dental deep cleanings when dental X-rays show bone loss and an examination reveals one or more gum pockets greater than 4 millimeters deep.

How is the Procedure is Done?

During the visit, your dental professional will numb the area to be treated. Your dental professional may use a local anesthetic to numb the roots of your teeth and your gums. After this, your Vallejo dentist will carefully work under the gum line to clean away the debris tartar.

Periodontal disease can wreak havoc on your health. In your mouth, it can erode your jawbone, destroy your gums and lead to tooth loss. Say goodbye to gum disease! Call our dental office at (707) 557-2200 to schedule your appointment.

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